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Blankets and Beyond 2-Piece Set

The Blankets and Beyond 2-Piece Set will make a cute gift for anyone with a baby in the house. The set includes a soft, 100% polyester blanket that measures

DJI Mavic Pro Aerial Camera

The DJI Mavic Pro is a drone that’s equipped with a stabilized 4K camera, a transmission system with 4.3 mile range, 4 vision sensor and full 1080p/720p video streaming.

Hugfun 25-Inch Plush Bear

The “resident bear’s” younger and just-as-cute siblings have also taken up residence at Costco! The Hugfun 25-Inch Plush Bears are available in grey and beige. They may be smaller

Hugfun 53-Inch Plush Bear

Costco’s “resident bear” has returned! The Hugfun 53-Inch Plush Bear is available in the store again. The very adorable bear was spotted chillaxing in his box, looking very cheerful as

Hugfun Slumber Bag

I think kids will love this Hugfun Slumber Bag! It’s a really soft and plush sleeping bag that comes in different cute animal characters. It zips all around so

Fjallraven Kanken No.2 Backpack

The Fjallraven Kanken No.2 Backpack is an extremely durable backpack made from double-waxed G-1000 HeavyDuty fabric. The first Kanken backpack was released in 1978 to help prevent back problems seen among

Little Miracles Animal Hugs Collection

The Little Miracles Animal Hugs Collection is a great gift for the little one. The set includes a hooded blanket and a plush toy. There are a few simply

The Honest Company Organic Premium Infant Formula

The Honest Company Organic Premium Infant Formula is closely modeled after breast milk and includes  prebiotics to help support immune function. It is made without added DHA/ARA, GMOs, carrageenan, corn

Coleman Disney Puddle Jumper

Keep your child safe while they play in the water with the Coleman Disney Puddle Jumper. This US Coast Guard-approved life jacket when worn, can substitute for a a

Providencia Comfy Tails

It’s not Halloween yet but that doesn’t mean kids can’t have a little dress-up fun with the Providencia Comfy Tails. There are 2 designs available – gator or mermaid.