Sango Kaku Japanese Maple

Sango Kaku Japanese Maple was spotted in the store this weekend.

Sango Kaku Japanese Maple Costco 2

Sango Kaku is quite unique as its trunk and branches turn red in the winter. In the spring when the leaves appear, the red trunk and branches really contrast with the bright green color of the leaves. It’s a striking sight.

The trunk and branches turn back to green in late spring/summer.

From our experience, Sango Kaku is not that tolerant to heat or wind. The edges of the leaves turn brown with heat/wind despite our best efforts to shelter it.

So, it looks amazing in winter and spring but not that great in summer 😉

Sango Kaku Japanese Maple is available in a #15 container and priced at $74.99.

Item number 26723.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

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