3M Post-It Notes

Costco carries the 3M Post-It Notes in a 24-pack with a total of 2400 sheets. These are 3″ x 3″ Post-Its. They are available in either bright colors or the Greener Notes option with the pastel colors.

3M 3Inch Post-It Notes Costco

The Greener Notes are made with 100% recycled paper (no new trees were used) and plant-based adhesive.

The  3M Post-It Notes are normally priced at $15.79 for the 24 pack.

There’s currently a $3 unadvertised discount which lowers the price to $12.79.  This is only 53 cents/pad.

The instant discount is valid till 07/21/13.

Item number is 933855.

We bought a pack years ago. I just checked and we’ve only 4 pads left. Even in this digital age, often times we still need to make notes and Post-It Notes definitely do come in handy.

If you need some for your office, home office, school, get it while there’s a discount.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

3M 3Inch Post-It Notes Costco

3M 3Inch Post-It Notes Costco

3M 3Inch Post-It Notes Costco