53-Inch Plush Teddy Bear

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He’s back!! The 53-Inch Plush Teddy Bear has been spotted at Costco again.

53-Inch Plush Teddy Bear Costco 5

These giant teddy bears are sure to be a hit with younger kids, or as novelty or collector’s items for adults.

They are indeed plush and super soft to the touch, with a friendly face and realistic-looking paws.

The bears are available in three colors: white, cream, and dark brown.

The 53-Inch Plush Teddy Bear is priced at $29.99.

Item number 519689.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

53-Inch Plush Teddy Bear Costco 453-Inch Plush Teddy Bear Costco 653-Inch Plush Teddy Bear Costco 753-Inch Plush Teddy Bear Costco 353-Inch Plush Teddy Bear Costco 253-Inch Plush Teddy Bear Costco 1


The 53″ Teddy Bear lounging on the Tanner Sectional 🙂

53-Inch Bear on Tanner Sofa Costco 2 53-Inch Bear on Tanner Sofa Costco 1

After wandering around Costco all day, Teddy’s real tired and took a nap on top of the Magna hand trucks…

53" Teddy Bear Costco

  • Kammy

    Is this a new post?

  • Danielle Medbury

    My son wanted me to order this for him on dhgate. I hope my Costco has it!

    • Olli

      hi Danielle,
      I’m afraid these teddy bears only show up at Costco towards the end of the year. This post was published around mid-August last year so that’s approximately when we first saw it in the store.

    • 2Dark2white


      Should still be cheaper than dhgate even with shipping.

  • BoredBrandon

    I Have It, I Called Him Bearald

    • BoredBrandon

      He Is The “Cream Color”

  • Ladyreese

    They are back again. Saw them a few weeks ago.

  • Can I get its pattern/draft, if anyone there can provide then plz mail me amaresh.chaudhary@gmail.com with price ?