6-Piece Modular Fabric Sectional (2017)

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This 6-Piece Modular Fabric Sectional appears to be the same set that was offered last year but with a different item number.


You can check out the older post with more photos here.

The set includes 3 armless chairs, 2 corner chairs and 1 ottoman.

Two accent pillows are included as well.

The sectional can be arranged in a number of ways so it’s very versatile.

Dimensions of armless chairs: 33.25″ W x 38.25″ D x 35″ H

Dimensions of corner chairs: 38.25″ W x 38.25″ D x 35″ H

Dimensions of ottoman: 33.25″ W x 33.25″ W x 19.5″ H

The 6-Piece Modular Fabric Sectional is priced at $899.99.

Item number 1074699.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.


  • CoryT

    I’d stay away from this. We got it home, and in one of the pieces, there’s nothing to screw the leg into. After a few days, we realized another piece was broken internally (when you sit, you can hear a popping noise in the seat). And after 2-3 weeks, it looks like the couch is 10 years old with how much wear the cushions are showing. We’re really bummed… we loved this sectional and it fits perfectly, but now we’re on the hunt for a replacement, and will be returning this hunk of junk asap!

    • Vanesa

      We bought this last night. We’ll see how it looks in a month with seat bottoms crushing. My question is- how do you get the sections apart after hooking them together? It’s not like I can get 20 men to hold it all together while we try to flip it all over to gain access to the clamps while not breaking said clamps. What little directions came with it said to spread the jaws of the clamp. Umm, how? I can’t get this darn thing apart to rearrange. Grrr!

      • CoryT

        The separation was always a struggle… the only way we found to make it work was one person tilting the female-pieced-seat down a little bit, allowing it to drop below the other seat…. that and lots of wiggling to loosen it lol.

        • Janet Villegas

          How is your couch holding up? My local Costco still has a couple left and I’m thinking of purchasing one.

          • CoryT

            We returned it after a month 🙁

      • Christopher LaSpada

        How does it look?