American Standard Stainless Steel Sink

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Do you need a new kitchen sink? We spotted this American Standard Stainless Steel Sink at Costco last weekend.

American Standard Stainless Steel Sink Costco 2

This sink has 2 bowls, one deeper (9″) than the other (8″). It comes with a pull down brushed nickel faucet that has 2 spray patterns.

Other features:

– Top or undermount options

– 2 strainers and soap dispenser included

– Insulated bowls reduce noice

– Dimensions: 33″ L x 22″ W

TheĀ American Standard Stainless Steel Sink is priced at $199.99.

Item number 885254.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

American Standard Stainless Steel Sink Costco 5American Standard Stainless Steel Sink Costco 3American Standard Stainless Steel Sink Costco 4American Standard Stainless Steel Sink Costco 1

  • Marie

    does anyone know anything about this sink? just bought it, but can’t find any comments or review.

    • Jim white

      I am not sure if you installed or not but my answer is up above

  • Barbara

    I’d like to know about the American standard sink and faucet. It’s a 18 gauge but I understand that doesn’t really affect the quality of a household sink. Depth seems appropriate. Would like to hear comments about the faucet.

  • Barbara

    I’d like to know about the American standard sink and faucet. It’s a 18 gauge but I understand that doesn’t really affect the quality of a household sink. Depth seems appropriate. Would like to hear comments about the faucet.

    • Kath

      We purchased this sink from Costco and had it installed a few weeks ago. I don’t know if it’s just our sink (a lemon?), but ours doesn’t look so good. Since it was installed and utilized, deep striations, gray spots, and rust/brown spots have appeared that I haven’t been able to remove. I had a stainless sink before and wanted a little larger so got this one. It is the perfect size. Faucet is a little wobbly, sprayer is OK. Never had any problems with prior sink so not sure how to fix these problems. Will research and try different remedies but I am very disappointed.

      • Corrine Loftus

        The rust looking spots aren’t rust and will come up with a cleaner called bar keepers friend and a magic eraser! As for the striations we have them too and are not happy along with a metal smell!

  • Kirvian

    We love the sink! It is deep and wide and perfect for all our requirements.
    The faucet is not so good. Very cheaply made and non adjustable pressure which is limited to 2.2 gal/min. I haven’t figured out how to take the aerator out yet and it doesn’t look promising without destroying the nozzle.
    The soap dispenser did not fit vertically and we had to buy an extension piece. Costco should have just sold the sink.

    • Chris Anderson

      Where did you get the extension piece? I have the same problem.

  • Jim white

    as I just purchase this sink from Costco I had reservations about what costco allows the vendor to put together – as I put in faucets for other people on a constant basics this faucet is surly less desireable – its definity looks poor in design with the handle – most upscale faucets do cost much more than this entire unit together – the one item that I was surprise about is they did put sound deadener on the underside of the sink – most sinks like this with out the deadener are really noisy and flex way to much – what I also notice is the side for the garbage disposal – in the instruction I have not read that a disposal actually hook ups to this sink – I am really leary about Costco because of some venders putting together cheap product in bundles and putting pretty package around the junk — quality is definitely not a costco trade —

  • Jim white

    As we were moving forward with this sink and faucet install — we notice there was not one piece of intructions for a sink template or any instruction for faucet hook up inside box. so I looked up the CS # for american Standard for sinks and faucets– So When I got their American C Service people on phone and explained the missing items, they told me this is not their sink or faucet – they sell their name for a price to be stamped on box – now I realize why this sink and faucet is such a piece of ? The people at Costco have to know this is not an American standard product at all — two lies found at one time — the people at American told me this up front this is not their product and just allow their name to be stamp on box — total deception between tow companies – I will question all products now sold thru Costco and call all numbers before purchasing anything from costco like this again — We would have spent more money for each piece if we would have known this which we decided not to put this piece of deception in our house — back to costco with their deception piece – oh yes the faucet is a piece of crap


      Well this sure explains alot. I’ve been searching the AS website looking for my faucet because we threw the box away already. However my sink is stamped American Standard.Does that mean the sink is at least atually AS? Did you try to return it to Costco?

      • Jim white

        we did talk to client about what I found and the client decided after looking at individual cost went with Costco – their money — so we just proceeded with install – the faucet itself has a weak base mount under sink location– not a really good support – its is not that stabilize as other I have install – so at this time the Costco company as far as I am concerned got away with this as a hood winking – when Sal Price first started price club, he would have never aloud this to happen, but he gone now and price club is no longer as Costco took it over — Sal Price was a Great American who was a a self made man

    • Chris Anderson

      According to the item number 885254 in the pictures above, this sink is an American Standard model QK033. I tried to post a link to the owner’s manual but it must have blocked my post due to the URL. The top google hit for QK033 gets you a user’s manual with instructions.

  • Jim white

    as it has been a couple of months now since this install for a client- they called me yesterday and ask me to look at their sink – it has rust forming around the surface of drain – I told client that they can either pay me again to take it apart to clean rust up or take it out and shove it back at costco – which it turn will cost them for another re-install – this is a poor product Costco has been hoodwinking the public with – costco people might say we did not know- it does not matter- you sell this stuff at the store – what a piece of crap sink and faucet — I am willing to not charge the client to take it apart and shove it back up costco pie hole – buy the correct quality pieces and you do not have this happen to you — what a dismal experience from Costco for the client and myself