Bainbridge 3-Piece Fabric Sectional

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The Bainbridge 3-Piece Fabric Sectional will provide comfortable seating in the living or family room.


It is upholstered in a soft, grey microfiber fabric that should handle the rigors of daily use.

It features extra deep seating with a generous chaise and ottoman.

There are 2 accent pillows included with the set.

Dimensions: 120.8″ L x 81.4″ D x 35″ H (Width of Chaise = 38.3″)

Dimensions of ottoman: 38.4″ x 38.4″

The Bainbridge 3-Piece Fabric Sectional is priced at $899.99.

Item number 725255.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.


  • Elizabeth Franke

    We bought this sectional a few weeks ago and just love it. So comfy, the whole family and be together now! I did go ahead and scotch guard it. All you do is put on the feet and connect the two pieces and it’s together. Very easy! Only very small downside is that none the the cushions come off at all. So if you spill you can’t flip over a cushion.

    • CoryT

      How is it holding up? We got a different sectional (6pc Modular) and it looks like its 10 years old already without hardly any use, so we are planning on returning it and saw this. Thanks!

      • Elizabeth Franke

        It’s only a month old at this point and looks brand new. We have a 5 year old and a large dog who use it daily and it shows no signs of wear.

        • Beth Lalumiere Mershon

          Any updates after 6 months? Looks great in the store and very comfy–just worried about durability.

          • Elizabeth Franke

            Still looks brand new. I did Scotch Guard it and we have a rule of no eating on it, but my husband and son nap on it daily. We did have a water spill last week and it dried perfectly. Loving it!!

          • Samuel Kionka

            Do you know if this sectional is reversible?

          • Elizabeth Franke

            Yes it is. You can put the long part on either side. We bought it a year ago yesterday and still looks band new!

          • Samuel Kionka

            Hey Elizabeth. Actually It Is NOT reversible. I learned the hard way. I bought the couch yesterday from costco and it can only be assembled on either the left or right DEPENDING on which model you purchase. Costco only had the left chaise. Which worked out perfectly in our house. Thanks though.

          • Elizabeth Franke

            Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for the clarification! The picture on my phone of the assembled couch at our local Costco has it on the right and we have ours on the left, so I assumed it would go either way. Very poor assumption! I don’t remember buying a left vs right one but it was a year ago. I’m am very happy it worked out for you.

          • Kristine Quach

            Will all of the boxes fit in a pick up truck? Additionally, does the ottoman open up for storage?

          • Stephanie

            Yes, I believe all of the boxes will fit in a truck. They are rectangular shape.

          • Kristine Quach

            Great thank you!!

          • Emily White

            What Costco did you find this at? Mine only has the chase on the right (when sitting on the couch) and I’m looking for the other side.

          • Kandy Gondek

            which Costco did you find the Right Facing Chaise? Our Costco (Parker, CO) only has the Left Facing Chaise and we need the Right.

          • GI06

            This is correct; I just got this one myself yesterday and it’s left from this year’s model. But I don’t mind as it works for me plus it’s a HUGE upgrade to replace the 6pc pillowtop modular I bought in July 2017 that I took back to Costco yesterday; that was one of the worst purchases I’ve ever made from Costco; extremely uncomfortable.

  • Kristine Quach

    Does anyone know if the boxes will all fit in a pick up truck? Also, does the ottoman open up for storage?

  • Kandy Gondek

    Anyone know of any Costco’s in Colorado that have the Right Facing sets? Our Parker store only had the Left Facing sectionals and were not very helpful with answering questions on stock / availability