Bayside Furnishings 9-Piece Dining Set

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The Bayside Furnishings 9-Piece Dining Set can comfortably seat 8 people when expanded with the included 18″ butterfly leaf.


The set includes one table and 8 chairs with bonded leather seats.

The table is constructed of acacia solids and acacia veneers while the chairs are constructed of solid rubberwood.

The dark espresso finish makes this an elegant-looking dining set!

Dimensions of table (including 18″ leaf): 112.2″ L x 39″ W x 30 H

Dimensions of chairs: 19″ W  x 24.5″ D x 40.5″ H

The Bayside Furnishings 9-Piece Dining Set is priced at $899.99.

Item number 1074776.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.


  • Michael Campbell

    Hey Ollie I just want you to know I highly enjoy this blog and felt empty when you guys went away for the Christmas break! Thanks for doing a great job!

    • Olli

      hi Michael,
      Thanks for the kind words! We love Costco but we do need a break from it every now and then, especially after the busy holiday season. With that said, we couldn’t help ourselves and stopped by a Costco near Santa Barbara while on our break in central coast, haha 🙂

  • KyGuy

    Just wanted to note, brought one home tonight, AWESOME set, VERY well packed. Also – there is currently a $200 rebate (instant) on it, bringing this set to a very crazy $699, awesome price for a table of this size including the 8 chairs!

    • DPurse

      Can I ask where you found the rebate information? I am very interested in this set and would love to find the rebate. I was at my local warehouse and didn’t see any signage about the rebate as of 1/15/17. Thanks.

      • KyGuy

        It says it right below the price – it said 899 then it said manufacturers rebate -200 and then 699. I can send a copy of my receipt if that’d help you at all? Also my local store is in KY/Cincy Ohio area…

        • DPurse

          Thanks, KyGuy, for the info. I went last night and my Costco had the same deal. Made my day.

  • Jennifer

    there is a $200 rebate here too at our costco (San Luis Obispo, CA) we are going to go pick a set up this week. rebate is til the 29th i think.

    • KyGuy

      You’ll love it. Attached is a picture of it assembled in our basement.
      My recommendations for assembly:
      1. Get a set of drill bits that offer hex heads, don’t use the included allan wrench or you’ll have sore hands!
      2. Get a socket/wratchet and use it in lieu of their included wrench, again sore hands
      3. I had only issues with one hex head bolt (stripped) and one phillips screw (head snapped off) Otherwise fit/finish was perfect.
      4. When I used the drill for the screws and the hex head bolts I set it to low torque, I hand started them, then used the drill to do 95% install, then hand tightened them.
      5. Chairs – I did this assembly line style. Opened all boxes, put all parts in separate piles and built each chair at each step. Made it go quicker (I think) and made sure I didn’t miss any steps.

      The table is HEAVY. Like VERY HEAVY. Be sure you’ve got help to get it in the room, then after attaching the legs help to flip it.

      Here is a pic of ours – note we chose to only use 6 of 8 chairs based on our space.

      • Olli

        hi KyGuy,
        Thanks for sharing the rebate and assembly info. I love the deep color of this set! It’s such an amazing price too. Makes me want to replace our dining set 🙂

      • George Harb

        Real nice tips on the assembly. I had to pay 8 99 for the same set in your picture and I’m wondering where everybody is talking about the $200 rebate?

        • KyGuy

          It was 899 the first time we spotted it (last week). But when I rented a uhaul trailer to go get it monday it was 899 – 200 instant manufacturers rebate (something Costco does a lot, it’s not a real rebate persay).
          Check your local costco and see if it’s been marked down, if so I’m guessing they’ll adjust the price, if not you may have used a credit card that offers price protection.

          Good luck!

          • George Harb

            Today and found the same table I purchase for 899 had a rebate on it for $200. I happen to have my receipt with me. Costco policy is if you find the product within 30 days of purchase at a lower price. All you have to do is show them the receipt and they’ll rebate you the difference. I was able to get the rebate by the exit and not have to go through the return line. Worked so good I’m thinking about buying another set.

      • Michelle Kearns Sens

        Can you tell me what holds your leaves up under it?? Seems like something is missing from ours.

  • Christy

    Does anyone know the weight of this set? How many people did it take to load/unload & pickup at store?

    • Stan Sieger

      It comes in 5 boxes. I’m guessing 2 chairs/box plus one box for the table. You’ll probably need 2 people to handle the table box. In any case, if you call your local store, I’m sure they can tell you the exact weights.

    • Olli

      hi Christy,
      You can also ask Costco employees to help you load the boxes onto the flatbed in the store and then again to load the boxes into your car after checkout. They’ve always helped us when asked.

    • SamCam

      The table is heaviest, about 100kg (220 lbs). You would need at least two pretty healthy guys to do it (or more people). Also keep in mind it’s LONG. Getting it into my SUV (a Toyota Highlander) was difficult and it hung out the back a little, and I had to take two trips (one for 3 of the chair boxes, and one for the other chairs and the table itself.

  • RF

    In addition to this table, our Costco also has a counter height version of the table for $1099. Chairs look identical (but taller). Table top has the same pattern, but instead of a single 18″ leaf it has a pair of 12 ” leafs that get inserted near each end (so you can choose to insert 0, 1, or 2 leafs). Also unlike this table, where the leaf appears to get stored withing the table, the counter height table has fully removable leafs (so you’ll need somewhere else to store them).

    The table is big without the leafs, and HUGE with them both. But it looks beautiful and we love it. Nice thing about the counter height one is that in our house, the height allows us to see out the back window and see what the kids are doing in the backyard.

    An employee helped us load it into the pickup truck, but my wife and I got it from there into the house. We managed, but it was extremely difficult. It was a careful act of sliding and tipping. Slide it out of the bed, tip it down to the ground, and slide the other end out. Tip it up on edge, slide it across the floor. The hard part was getting it up the 1 step from the garage into the house.

    My only complaint about the table…it’s big enough when expanded to seat 10, but 2 extra matching chairs are not available. I even contacted the manufacturer and they are unable to help.

  • disqus_adSxD7oxtJ

    Has anyone had any trouble with the leveling of the chairs?

  • KG

    Hi. Can anyone post the box dimensions? Trying to figure how I can transport

    • KyGuy

      Don’t have dimensions But I rented a 12ft uhaul trailer and the table was just past 10ft long, thats your biggest items. Chairs are 2 in a box and could fit 2-3 boxes (you’ll get 4) in a SUV I’d think.

  • Michelle Kearns Sens

    I am having trouble with storing my leaves underneath! I am wondering if a piece is missing?? How do you keep it under the table but up off that bottom bar??

    • KyGuy

      Mine are still in the protective foam, won’t likely use it so leaving that way for now, sorry!

      • HeatherM

        How has the table held up? Any water issues like some others mentioned? I’m looking to get it, now that it’s in my local store.

        • KyGuy

          Hi – it’s held up awesome – ended up being the primary table for the summer. Had lots of messy birthday parties (kids) and even a few seafood boils (wet) servers on it. Ended up extending it to full length and leaving it like that. Everyone loves the table, still can’t believe what we paid….

  • IVK

    Anybody know where to buy additional chairs? This table easily sits 12.

    • Stan Sieger

      I’m guessing that this item (as with many others) is exclusive to Costco and you won’t be able to just buy extra chairs.

  • Isaac

    Can I set it up as a 7pc set without the leaf in the middle and two chairs? I have a small family and won’t need the whole set until some point in the future.

  • Ryan

    Please hurry if you have not already bought this. Now available for $499 (price lowered to clear in store inventory). Of course check if your Costco still has in stock. My Costco didn’t but I drove to another 20 miles from my place, not bad considering the price.

    • Toy Sicko


      • Stan Sieger

        Your best bet is to just call your local Costco and ask what stores close to you carry this item. They can check inventory on their computer system.

    • Toy Sicko

      yes i know that ill call tomorrow but inwas trying to see if Ryan would post what store he found the item at? and if they still have some available?

    • Juno

      Can you share which costco has this for $499?

      • Ryan

        I bought it at the Union Costco in NJ

        • Juno

          Wow. That’s too far. Thanks for the info anyways. 🙂

  • Ellen

    Had anyone had problems with the table top and wear? Ours has had heat marks, scratches, looks dull already, and we have only had it 6 months. Also have two spots where a glass was set on the table were the grooves are and the moisture warped the table right by the grooves.

    • Sara

      YES- friend just purchased and literally same night a bit of water pooled in a crevice, for a very short time and there is pretty bad warping. She called and was told people use glass and/or cardboard (??!!) to cover their table. I think this is a total rip off- why even make a dining table that cant handle a 30 second spill of a tablespoon of water?? Did you get any help from customer service at Costco or Bayside?

  • Raquel Boch

    I just bought this table yesterday for $599.97 at my Costco in Northern California!

    • HeatherM

      How has it held up? Any water issues that others have mentioned?

      • Raquel Boch

        Mine has held up well. I do keep it covered with a table cloth and still use place mats daily. I have 5 kids, so I have to protect my investment 🙂 I do plan to buy a glass cover to protect it. I have read the brochure that comes with it and it says that hot things could cause damage, so I don’t put hot things on it. If I do, I use a place mat under it. I do have some warping on it from water damage. One of my kids spilled something and didn’t clean it up, so it caused damage. But it was our fault, no fault of the manufacturer. Usually when there is a spill, even a little one, I clean it and dry it right away. All in all I love to table. And I get many compliments on it.