Cellophane Basket Wrap

You know those gift baskets with lots of little goodies in them? Well, you can create one of your own and then wrap it with this Cellophane Basket Wrap.

Cellophane Basket Wrap Costco 1

I’m a terrible wrapper so I won’t even attempt this. It’ll probably end up looking like one big plastic blob. For people like me, gift bags are the answer 🙂

But, if you’re one of those amazing wrapper, you could create a really professional-looking gift basket.

The cellophane wraps are available in a few colors and designs perfect for the holiday season.

They measure 40 inch  x 110 feet for a total of 366.6 sq ft per roll.

The Cellophane Basket Wrap is priced at $9.49/roll.

Item number 901461.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary.

Cellophane Basket Wrap Costco 3 Cellophane Basket Wrap Costco 2  Cellophane Basket Wrap Costco 4