Coach Sunglasses

UPDATE 08/21/13: You may be able to find these at the Costco Optical department as well, which is located right by the entrance or exit, depending on the layout of your Costco store. There’s usually someone working at the Optical department. The easiest way is probably to ask and see if they carry item number 650763.

For all the Coach fans – Coach Sunglasses were spotted at Costco.

Coach Sunglasses Costco


This is somewhat of a random find at Costco. Not sure how long it’ll stay. If you want one, get to your local Costco store and grab it before it’s gone.

It’s priced at $64.99 and comes with a case.

Item number 650763.

While supplies last. Inventory and pricing at your store may vary.

Coach Sunglasses Costco

Coach Sunglasses Costco