Dollar origami book by Won Park – Costco vs Amazon

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Costco has great deals on books as well…

This one caught my eye as I walked by the book aisle the other day. It’s a Dollar Origami book by Won Park. There is a real folded dollar butterfly at the top right hand corner!

And when you open the book, on the right side is the book with folding instructions while on the left is actually a stack of fake dollar bills for you to fold the models with!

You can get it at Costco for $12.49. The same book is sold on Amazon for $14.90. This means it’s 19% cheaper at Costco.

Have you gotten any great deals on books at Costco?

While supplies last. Inventory and pricing at your store may vary.

Dollar origami book at Costco

Dollar origami book at Costco

Dollar origami book at Costco


Same book is sold for $14.90 on Amazon: