Fagor Rapida Pressure Cooker Set

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A pressure cooker decreases cooking time, thus it’s great for busy lifestyles. Spotted this Fagor Rapida Pressure Cooker Set which would be a great starter set if want to try pressure cooking.  It would also make a great gift.

Fagor Rapida Pressure Cooker Set Costco 1

I think the best part about this set is you can use the pots for pressure cooking as well as for regular cooking. There’s a glass lid that’s included that fits both pots!

This set contains:

  • Two (2) pressure cooker pots – one 8 quart and one 4 quart – vary your meal size as needed
  • One (1) pressure cooker lid that fits both pots
  • One (1) tempered glass lid that fits both pots – for cooking without pressure when needed
  • One (1) stainless steel pasta steamer / basket
  • 50 Recipe booklet

The pressure cooker features:

  • Stainless Steel construction
  • 15 psi high pressure setting
  • Safety locking handle – will not open till all the pressure is released
  • Safety valve to prevent excess pressure build-up
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Compatibility with gas, electric, ceramic, induction

The Fagor Rapida Pressure Cooker Set is priced at $79.99.

Item number 303095.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

Fagor Rapida Pressure Cooker Set Costco 4Fagor Rapida Pressure Cooker Set Costco 3Fagor Rapida Pressure Cooker Set Costco 2Fagor Rapida Pressure Cooker Set Costco 5

  • Manzy30

    I am so excited to see this! I recently went to the Costco Business Store and found a different pressure cooker for this same price. I told my husband Costco would bring one in for the holidays and that was what I wanted for my birthday and Christmas – early – ha! This is a better deal with having the two sizes and steamer basket included. This will be handy for my recent empty nest, small for just us and the larger for family and company dinners as well as cooking ahead. I’m hoping my husband brings it home tonight!

    • Olli

      hi Manzy,
      This was definitely one of the more useful items to appear last week. I’m also thinking of getting this set so let us know if you like it!

      • Manzy30

        I was able to purchase this on Saturday. I cooked black beans first. Then a Chicken Cacciatore next. I will definetley need to cook more to learn a bit more bout cooking times. The beans were a little overcooked, tasty just a bit soft and too many split open. I think instead of 8 minutes to cook I may try 4-6. But not complaining on the cooking time! The Cacciatore was good, tender chicken, easy to make. The pots are very heavy, sturdy, seem to be good quality. I have been reading and researching trying to find what to buy. Of course there is a Vissler that is rated top quality, but $250-300. This is a great way to start to make sure I like the whole pressure cooking process. I was concerned about the “belly” on this brand, but I think the base is plenty large enough so that the flames won’t need to touch the “belly” part of the pot. I can see using this several days a week especially with the smaller pot for quickly steaming veggies after the main dish is finished. I am looking forward to trying it more tomorrow.

        • sara

          Congrats on your pressure cooker. I’m not sure why I waited so long to get one, but what a time-saver they are. Making oxtail in less than 1 hr – just wow!

          I have a PC by Fagor, but mine is the Duo model with 2 settings – 8 or 7 PSI and 15 PSI. Since this only has 1 setting, you’ll definitely want to shorten the cook time on items like beans, rice, etc.

          • Manzy30

            Thanks for the feedback! I made BBQ chicken the other night, still need to shorten the time just a bit. Tasty and quick though! Rice is next on my list to cook. I’ve borrowed books from library to get recipe ideas and reading for tips and ideas.

          • sara

            Pressure cookers, especially the modern ones – require a bit of trial and error. For me, I have to force myself not to add too much water when using it. Too much water makes the final product taste bland. 1 cup or 1.5 of water is really all you need. Just monitor it so nothing burns.

            Here’s my cheat sheet for the cooking times with a pressure cooker. I find this very useful. http://fastcooking.ca/pressure_cookers/cooking_times_pressure_cooker.php#meat_and_poultry

            I’m not sure what type of rice you use, but rice can be very tricky with a pressure cooker. I eat a lot of rice – my favorite is jasmine rice – and I find it so easy and straightforward to just make it on the stove – no tricks or special equipment like a rice cooker. When I make rice, I use the ration 1 cup of rice to 1.25 cups water. I rinse the rice a few times to get the water clear, pour the water based on the amount of rice being cooked, and bring to a boil. You have to keep an eye on this – 2-3 minutes! Once it comes to a boil, lower the heat to barely simmering – LOW setting. Stir the rice for about 20 seconds to incorporate the water. Don’t worry if a lot of water is at the top. Cover with a lid and let cook on LOW for about 12 minutes. At the end, take it off the heat and fluff. Wait 5 minutes and enjoy.

            Like I said, this is how I make jasmine rice. With other types of rice(brown, arborio, etc), you will need to tweak the method.

            FYI: Avoid supermarket rice – Uncle Ben’s, Riceland, etc. It’s just tasteless, mushy, crappy and overpriced. Check out Asian or African markets for rice.

            Jasmine rice is truly the best – so flavorful that I sometimes add a little olive oil to it, salt and pepper and eat.

          • Manzy30

            I am still practicing with my pressure cooker. I made Ratatouille and oh my was that wonderful! So fast and full of flavor! I made Basmati rice with the 2nd pot of Ratatouille (it was so good we made it again since there were no leftovers). It was wonderful! I have Jasmine rice so I will make it today. I have never had a problem making rice, never saw the reason for a rice cooker or Minute Rice. The pressure cooker was so quick so that just might be my new way to cook rice. I love having the smaller pressure cooker pot of this set. I made turkey meatloaf last week in the large pot and after it was finished and while it was ‘resting’ I was able to slide the lid over to the squash in the 2nd pot. I now need to find a place to store the pressure cooker. It’s been left out since we have been trying to use it often, because we all know Costco’s great return policy, and if it didn’t work it was going back. But I am not returning it – it may just stay out on stovetop since I am using it quite often.

        • Olli

          hi Manzy,
          5 minutes for beans sound incredible! 🙂 How have you been releasing the pressure after cooking?

          • Manzy30

            From what I have been reading, beans are naturally released. I’m wondering if I should quick release them next time. I have more black beans soaking for later. I checked out Lorna Sass books from library and her cooking times are shorter for beans. That is what I plan to try this afternoon.