Flamous Organic Falafel Chips – Costco vs Whole Foods

Flamous Organic Falafel Chips was a new item spotted in Costco in February and we did purchase a bag to try. It really tastes like falafel and is great with Sabra hummus.

You can find the falafel chips at Whole Foods as well. An 8 oz bag is priced at $4.99.

Unit price is 62.4 cents/oz.

Falafel Chips Whole Foods

At Costco, we purchased an 18 oz of the same Flamous Organic Falafel Chips for $5.99.

Unit price is 33.3 cents/oz.

Item number 803741.

Flamous Organic Falafel Chips Costco 1

Is Flamous Organic Falafel Chips cheaper at Costco? Yes, it is.

Costco is 47% cheaper than Whole Foods for the Flamous Organic Falafel Chips!

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