Kamenstein Digital Kitchen Scale

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The Kamenstein Digital Kitchen Scale is a 11 lb (5 kg) capacity stainless steel scale for your kitchen weighing needs. The display panel is offset to the right so you should be able to read the weight even when you have a large bowl or object on the scale.

Kamenstein Digital Kitchen Scale Costco

Some of its other features include:

– Add & weigh tare function lets you add ingredients without having to remove prior items from scale

– Backlit Digital LCD Panel with large numerals for easy reading

– Low power and maximum weight overload indicators

– Stainless Steel

– Auto shutoff feature: scale turns off after 2 minutes, extending the life of the batteries

– Change between Imperial or Metric with a push of a button

– Nonslip feet

– Easy to clean

– 9 volt battery included

– comes in a variety of colors e.g. red, black, etc.

Kamenstein Digital Kitchen Scale is priced at $19.99.

Item# is 668009.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

Kamenstein Digital Kitchen Scale Costco

Kamenstein Digital Kitchen Scale Costco

Kamenstein Digital Kitchen Scale Costco

  • Bev Carney

    I just bought this today to replace a functioning scale. I liked the color and style. Sorry to say the scale is quite inaccurate. I’m taking it back. Paid only $9.99 – no wonder!

    • Olli

      hi Bev,
      Sorry to hear it didn’t work out but thanks for your review. I’m sure you’ve saved many other shoppers the trouble!

    • Steve65

      10 bucks says you failed to remove the rubber shipping blocks from between the weighing plate and the body of the scale…

  • Jo Rutherford

    Hi! I also purchased a Kamenstein scale from Costco. I paid $14.99. I did not use it immediately because I purchased it as a replacement for an Escali scale that was still functioning but on it’s last legs after about 3 years of intense use. We retired it to use in scaling chicken feed and I opened and began using the Kamenstein in the kitchen about 4 months ago.

    Couple days ago the screen started fading. We changed the battery and now the screen doesn’t work at all.

  • Greg

    I just bought a replacement. The help dumped water on it, and it died after a year of accurate service for a celiac patient. I bought the model on amazon for $12.50 with prime free shipping. Very good professional scale.

  • Inspirevida

    Does anyone know how to turn auto-shutoff OFF? I need much more time than 2 minutes to handle measure my herbs…. Thanks a lot for this blog 🙂