Kirkland Signature Water Pitcher

The  Kirkland Signature Water Pitcher is now available in the store and it’s very similar to the Brita pitcher (also available in the store).

Kirkland Signature Water Pitcher Costco

It comes with 2 Kirkland Signature filters  which are available as a standalone item as well. The filters were designed to fit Brita pitchers.

I think you can also use the Brita filters in this Kirkland pitcher.

The pitcher has a capacity of 10 cups and each filter should last about 2 months or 150 liters.

The system was tested and certified by Water Quality Association (WQA) against NSF/ANSI 42, 53 and 401 for the reduction of  Chloramine (taste and odor), Chlorine (taste and odor) Mercury, Copper, Cadmium, Benzene, Zinc, 1, 2, 4-Trichlorobenzene, Estrone, Meprobamate, Trimethoprim, etc.

Made in Germany.

The Kirkland Signature Water Pitcher is priced at $17.99.

Item number 1304047.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

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Kirkland Signature Water Pitcher Costco Kirkland Signature Water Pitcher Costco Kirkland Signature Water Pitcher Costco