Madhava Organic Coconut Sugar – Is Costco Cheaper?

The Madhava Organic Coconut Sugar just appeared in Costco this year. Other stores carry this item as well so we thought we’d do a price comparison.

We found the organic coconut sugar at Whole Foods. It was priced at $5.39 for a 16-oz bag.

Unit price at Whole Foods is 33.69 cents/oz.

Organic Coconut Sugar Whole Foods

Safeway carries the Madhava Organic Coconut Sugar as well. It is priced at $4.39 for a 16-oz bag.

Unit price at Safeway is 27.44 cents/oz.

Madhava Organic Coconut Sugar Safeway

At Costco, it is available in a 64-oz (4-lb) bag for $9.99. Item number 683398.

Unit price at Costco is 15.61 cents/oz.

Organic Coconut Sugar Costco

Is Costco cheaper? Yes!

Costco is 54% cheaper than Whole Foods for the Madhava Organic Coconut Sugar.

Costco is 43% cheaper than Safeway for the Madhava Organic Coconut Sugar.

Do you use coconut sugar?

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary.