Marks and Cohen Laurel Fabric Sectional

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The Marks and Cohen Laurel Fabric Sectional is a great option for those wanting a large, neutral color sectional that can be paired with any decor in the house.

Marks and Cohen Laurel Fabric Sectional Costco 2

Features include:

– Brass nailhead trim

– Durable and easy to clean fabric

– Seat cushions feature blended fiber and down feather wrap for comfort

– 8-way hand tied coil spring seating

– Armless chair can be use on the right or left side of the sectional

– Hardwood frame

– Solid wood legs

– Padded arms and backs

– Overall dimensions listed on the box: 125.6″ L x 102.4″ D x 36.6″ H

– Right arm facing loveseat size: 56.5″ L x 36.5″ D x 36.5″ H

The Marks and Cohen Laurel Fabric Sectional is priced at $999.99.

Item number 966781.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

Marks and Cohen Laurel Fabric Sectional Costco 4Marks and Cohen Laurel Fabric Sectional Costco 3Marks and Cohen Laurel Fabric Sectional Costco 5Marks and Cohen Laurel Fabric Sectional Costco 6Marks and Cohen Laurel Fabric Sectional Costco 1

  • Manzy30

    If I didn’t already have a year old sectional I might consider this. Looks great! Love the easy change armless piece.

    • Outoftown

      We just bought the last one, the floor sample at the Costco in Raleigh. The person in front of us at the checkout bought the last boxed one. The legs are sturdy and easy to remove, which I had to do to fit the middle piece in the Chrysler minivan. It looks great and I consider it a real find. I wish I could also purchase an angled corner other than 90 degrees, but the new arrangement in our living room as is looks great.

      • Ryjohnson

        How have you liked the couch? Pros cons?

        • bs83703

          I purchased the sectional about 6 months ago, and the feather problem still exists. The cushion covers do not maintain their position. I am constantly readjusting the covers. The sectional looks great if you don’t sit on it!

  • Jdean

    How would you rate the quality of this piece? I’ve never bought any furniture from Costco and am highly considering buying this sectional. Thanks!

    • Brian

      Just bought it this morning. I would rate the quality as excellent, especially for the price. I’ve seen much more expensive sectionals that seem more fragile. I also like that this sectional is firm.

  • Cindy Lopez-Mcnair

    Just purchased this sectional yesterday.. Has anyone had any issue with the down feathers coming out?

    • tania cook

      Yes! My son keeps pulling them out and has quite the collection. Lol. They poke us too whenever we sit on it and now my kids don’t like it. We’ve had it two weeks. Unfortunately it’s getting annoying and thinking about returning 🙁

      • Cindy Lopez-Mcnair

        Ughhh that’s about same amount of time we’ve had ours.. I’m hoping this is just because they’re new and the feathers need to settle cuz I really love the look of the sectional. Hopefully someone that’s had it a little longer will give some good news. Lol thanks for replying

        • tania cook

          I am hoping the same thing because we love the couch otherwise. I called Costco and asked if anyone else had returned the couch and they said no. They suggested I call the manufacturer. I’m going to do that and give it a little more time for the feathers to hopefully settle. They said we could return it but just a pain to do so :(.

          • Cindy Lopez-Mcnair

            Tania, have called the manufacturer yet?

          • tania cook

            I did not. Had a friend purchase a couch with feathers poking them (not the same couch) and she said the feathers eventually settled down so thought I would give it a little more time. Well we are still getting poked and pulling them out left and right! glad to see the other reviews. I will call the manufacturer tomorrow.

  • Chelsea

    We bought this couch a little over a month ago. We still love it and the amount of feathers poking us has died down. We just take out the ones that poke us as they come.

  • Emily

    I love this couch for the look and comfort but the feathers coming out are a huge downfall. I called the company and they sent a whole new set of the down covers that can replace the old covers but I don’t see how that will be any different. I spillled some wine on it so I immediately washed the cushion covers and the stains came out. However, one of the loveseat bottom cushions was so hard to get off it ripped and the zipper broke. I’m going to see if they will replace but lost the number. Does anyone have the number?

    • Lilly


  • Annette

    My husband and I also purchased this sectional. I appreciate the reviews of everyone below. The feathers situation just started happening and I don’t want to keep pulling out the feathers. Seriously considering returning it. Plus the corner section is not as firm as we have had it for only 2 weeks! We had a lazy boy before and never had to that.

  • Cindy Lopez-Mcnair

    Anyone know what the fabric is coded? Like can u scotchgurd it?

  • Nikhil Vellara

    It happened to us too. When I called them they told me three options. Get another feather covered cover which is supposed to have better protection, second option is to get a fabric covered cover which does not have feather like the cushion which supports your back and third option is to return the sofa to Costco!!! Thinking of going with the second option…Disappointed..

    • Cindy Lopez-Mcnair

      Did they tell you where to find the first two options?

      • Nikhil Vellara

        Yes call 855 489 6699. The lady who picked up gave her email id and asked me to send my mailing address with the option I want. This number is same as the number for parts and service put in the box which came with the sofa.

        • Ramya

          Does the additional feather cover serve its purpose?

    • Lo

      Do you know if you have to pay to return it to Costco?

      • Cindy Lopez-Mcnair

        Do mean a restocking fee? I don’t think so. You could always call Costco and ask them if the would be one

  • w Co

    Please RECALL! I have purchased a month a go. All feathers come out and poke people. sharp feathers scratch skin like a needle. This product HURTS PEOPLE. Owners know what I mean. I will sue the company for re-call. Please do not buy. BTW Sectional is nice and high quality but all feathers are like needle and huge design or production mistake. This product dangerous for usage. You can hurt yourself with those feathers and get some diseases like hep c, hiv…

    • LT

      Haven’t we all made mistakes before? Are you really exposed to such vulnerability from some teeny tiny duck feathers? Come on, don’t you have better things to do with your time than to rip other people off with these petty injury claims. I agree that it’s a nice sectional,especially for the price and for them to replace the cushions without question should be fair enough. It is for me. Just move on and make a living the honest way like these people are. I have no affiliation with them, but personally am sick an tired of this sue-happy society.

      • w Co

        are you working for this china furniture company? because looks like you did not purchase this s#%&. If you did you should know they are not tiny duck feathers. Already Costco will re-call next week. I returned mine. they told me everybody returns and it will be recall. oh good luck with your little tinny adorable feathers 🙂

  • Joel Sanders


    • Cindy Lopez-Mcnair

      Joel call them manufacturer they were really helpful

  • w Co

    RECALL. Please contact with Costco. They will announce this week. This sectional is dangerous to use. All feathers are like needle! They say they will fix the problem with replacement feathers from china. You guys can return your product to Costco even with out a receipt. Because product is recalled by costco. I have returned.

  • Cindy Lopez-Mcnair

    K. So I called the manufacturer of the couches. They’re super nice. They are gonna send new wraps that are supposedly mo betta. Not the outer cover the inside wrap. Fur free. If that doesn’t work she said we could take it to get an estimate for them to redo the cushion and they’d pay it.. worse case scenario if all that fails you can return them. They says nothing of a recall..

    • Lo

      Did you get your replacement cushions yet? I have not purchased the couch and want to know if the replacements work before buying from Costco. I love the look of the couch!

      • Cindy Lopez-Mcnair

        Not yet. . She said it would take about 3weeks..

        • Ann McCaughan

          Hi Cindy. I’m wondering if these ever came in and how you’re liking them.

          We bought this sofa at Costco a year ago and I see they are selling it again this year… I love the look and feel of the sofa and would love to buy another, if we could get this stupid feather issue fixed!

  • LT

    I talked to Janice Pitts at Cohen and Marks on 3/11. I still haven’t received the new cushions. Has anyone else received theirs?

    • Cindy Lopez-Mcnair

      I just got mine LT.. I’ll post as soon as I’ve done them and tested them out a few days.

  • Cindy Lopez-Mcnair

    So I received the email from Janice at Marks and Cohen letting me know that she submitted the order for the cushion wrap things on 3/31 and I just got em.. I’ll comment on here as soon as I get them on here and test them out.

    • Janelle

      Do you still have the number to customer service?

      • Cindy Lopez-Mcnair

        +1 662-489-6699

  • Sara Farsakh

    Any update on how it worked out?

    • Cindy Lopez-Mcnair

      Not gonna lie, I haven’t put them on. My tendinitis had a flare up and I was in to much pain to do it. But it’s good now. I promise to put them on this week and report back. Pinky swear

  • genevieve05

    I found this thread about a month ago. We bought our Laurel couch from the Concord, CA Costco in April and the feathers have been driving us crazy (we love the couch, hate the feathers). We have 2 little children (3 and 1) and we cannot let them rub their faces on the couch for fear the will get poked and scratched by these feathers. From the suggestions below, I contacted Janice at Marks & Cohen (manufactuerer) and she returned my call immediately. She said the best thing to do is to get a quote from a seamstress or furniture “doctor” that can make new interior cushion covers for the seat cushions. She informed me that once we get a quote/proposal, we can submit it back to her and they will determine whether to issue a reimbursement for the new covers. We found a place in Lafayette, CA (MRS Furniture) that would make new interior cushion covers (remove the feathers and make new dacron filled covers). Because it’s a lot of work to remove the cushions and put it back in, the labor cost a lot. They quoted us $500 to do everything. We submitted the quote to Janice on July 16 and we received an email about a couple days later from Janice that it was approved! We received the check in the mail yesterday (July 27). Absolutely the BEST customer service ever (and we don’t have to return the couch we actually really love besides the feathers poking through). Thank you Marks & Cohen, and thank you Costco couple for having this forum! Good luck everyone!

    • Olli

      Wow, that is amazing customer service! Glad it worked out and thanks for sharing!

  • Ann McCaughan

    Has any one else tried out the cushion wraps from the manufacturer? I see Costco is selling this sofa once again. We love the look and feel of ours, except for the feather issue. We would consider buying a second one for another room in our home if we could get the feather problem fixed!

    • Anne

      I have a question about the item that since you own one I was hoping you could help with. I see the pictures above list the height at 36.5 but I see this item being sold online at Costco again and the height is listed at 28.3. I am wondering if the larger measurement includes the cushions. I have a stairway that is exactly 36″ and the doorway is 28.5″ I was hoping you’d be willing to measure from the floor to the top of the frame to confirm the measurement. I contacted Costco customer service and not only did it take them a week to get the info but the info was clearly for the wrong item since it included an ottoman.

      • Ann McCaughan

        Hi, Anne. I will take these measurements for you when I get home this evening.

      • Ann McCaughan

        From the floor to the top of the frame looks to be about 30″-30.25″. From the floor to the top of the seatback cushion is 36.5″.

        • Anne

          Aw man. That is disappointing. Thank you so much for checking though. Saved me the hassle of having to aend it back when it didn’t fit.

          • Ann McCaughan

            I am happy to have been able to help you 🙂 That’s too bad it won’t work for your space. I really like it aside from this feather issue, but even then the manufacturer’s support has been incredible. Best of luck finding the right one for your room!

  • steveb

    hello, can the cushion covers be machine washed at home?

  • Julianne

    Was this actually recalled? It is for sale again at my Costco.

  • Ashley Bergman

    I’m looking at buying this from someone used. The color is a darker beige though. I’m wondering if it’s a newer version. The owner says they’ve had it for a year so I’m wondering if they fixed the feather issue or if we may have the same problem.