Okami Shrimp Spring Rolls

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We had the Okami Shrimp Spring Rolls for lunch yesterday. Even though Okami sounds Japanese, these are really Vietnamese spring rolls called Goi Cuon.

Okami Shrimp Spring Rolls Costco 2

They have been available in the store for a long time now but we’ve never tried it because we can get the real thing easily at a local Vietnamese place.

But if you’re at Costco and want to grab something for lunch, this is one quick option.

The filling itself is quite tasty. The rice wrapper though just falls apart easily so it makes for quite a messy lunch.

There are 4 rolls in the container. One serving is 2 rolls and only 130 calories. So it’s a lower calorie and lower carb lunch option.

The Okami Shrimp Spring Rolls is priced at $6.99.

Item number 564146.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

Okami Shrimp Spring Rolls Costco 3 Okami Shrimp Spring Rolls Costco 4 Okami Shrimp Spring Rolls Costco 5 Okami Shrimp Spring Rolls Costco 6 Okami Shrimp Spring Rolls Costco 1

  • Celia Partridge

    My husband does the shopping and brings these spring rolls home once a week. They are delicious, but do tend to fall apart quite easily. I would like to know what sauces they package with them. I would like to have more of both sauces.

    • Olli

      hi Celia,
      I believe the 2 sauces are sweet chili sauce and peanut sauce. We use the “Mae Ploy” brand sweet chili sauce at home. It’s sold at Asian grocery stores or sometimes in the Asian foods aisle at Safeway/Raley’s Nob Hill/Lucky. You can find recipes to make the peanut sauce at home. Or maybe look for “Satay Peanut Sauce” in the Asian grocery store.
      Hope this helps,