Bayside Furnishings Onin Room Divider

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UPDATE 01/15/14: ThisĀ Bayside Furnishings Onin Room Divider was spotted in the store once again. Normally priced at $129.99. Currently, there’s a $30 instant rebate which reduces the price to $99.99. Discount is valid till 01/19/14. Item number 666691.

Onin Room Divider Costco 2 Onin Room Divider Costco 1

The Onin Room Divider by Bayside Furnishings has been on display at the store for a few weeks now. It’s called a room divider but it can be a bookshelf as well.

Onin Room Divider Costco

Other features include:

– Wood (MDF/PB) with Roast Hazelnut melamine

– Comes with 8 cream storage bins with handles

– Can be arranged horizontally or vertically

– Easy assembly with cam-lock and dowels system

– Anti-tipping hardware

The Onin Room Divider is normally priced at $129.99.

There’s currently a $30 instant rebate. This lowers the price to $99.99.

The instant discount is valid till 07/28/13.

Item# is 666691.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

Onin Room Divider Costco Onin Room Divider Costco Onin Room Divider Costco Onin Room Divider Costco