Organic Aussie Bites

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UPDATE 03/07/15: Organic Aussie Bites are back in the store, priced at $9.79. Item number 891394.

Organic Aussie Bites Costco 2Organic Aussie Bites Costco 1


PUBLISHED 08/14/14: We tried samples of the Organic Aussie Bites recently. If you’ve had Anzac cookies before, we think these taste similar to that. 

Organic Aussie Bites Costco 2

But these have many more added ingredients. The list of ingredients include rolled oats, dried apricots, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, honey, coconut, quinoa, chia seeds, etc.

1 cookie is 130 calories and there are 32 in each container.

Certified Organic.

The Organic Aussie Bites are priced at$9.79 for 30 oz.

Unit price is 32.6 cents/oz.

Item number 891394.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

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  • Lorrie Dairda

    On 2.8.15 I went to buy my Aussie Bites at Costco and was told they no longer carry these. UGH !

    • jesskazen

      I got them today at my local store in Wisconsin, they’re really good 🙁

  • Chris Cooper

    they deleted them at the Maui store,, I don’t get it ,, the only healthy snack I could find, and made up 300 + calories a day, why would they delete some they sold so much of?

    • Milla

      They have them in the Maui store again. Just bought them Friday! 😄

  • Denyce Fernando

    I just paid $5.99 for them at my Costco In Orange County CA

  • Kim

    1/4/16 – no more Aussie Bites, have been discontinued, according to my local Costco! So sad…

    • Dave Lawrence

      Nope… Bought some last month here in Olathe, ks Costco

  • felixmk

    very tastey, available at leesburg, va costco

  • Chris

    01/20/2017 Some how there seems to be some enhanced coconut flavor. The coconut note lingers in the mouth like an artificial additive, or natural concentrate for several hours. Similar effect from the vanilla. Not very natural, not very good.