Ove Decors 60-Inch Premium Rolling Tub Door

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Is it time to replace your shower doors? If so, you may want to consider this Ove Decors 60-Inch Premium Rolling Tub Door.

Ove Decors 60-Inch Premium Rolling Tub Door Costco 2

The shower door has one fixed glass panel and one sliding panel that can be installed on the right or left.

Features include:

– 8mm thick tempered glass

– Chrome finish hardware

– Will fit 5′ bathtub

– Easy installation

– Dimensions: 59 1/4″ W x 59″ H

TheĀ Ove Decors 60-Inch Premium Rolling Tub Door is priced at $289.99.

Item number 707934.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

Ove Decors 60-Inch Premium Rolling Tub Door Costco 5Ove Decors 60-Inch Premium Rolling Tub Door Costco 3Ove Decors 60-Inch Premium Rolling Tub Door Costco 4Ove Decors 60-Inch Premium Rolling Tub Door Costco 1

  • Roxene Kimes

    the instruction sheet drawings on this item are ridiculously amateurish. very difficult to follow and WAY too small. The build quality is good tho..

    • Olli

      Hi Roxene,
      Thanks for the heads-up on the less-than-adequate instructions.

    • John

      What steps are necessary to shorten? My d dimension is 57.75 not 58.5. Thanks.

      • Pathfinder

        The upper horizontal bar would have to be cut shorter if necessary. Do not cut on the side that has the hole and goes to the fixed panel. Only cut on the side that goes to the panel that moves. Hope this helps.

    • Mike Sandy

      Totally agree.

  • chris kim

    The width of our bathtub is 56″, not 60″. Does this door work for 56″ width bathtub? I hope it can be adjustable.

    • Mike Sandy

      I put a metal cutting blade (Diablo from Home Depot) on my mitre saw and cut the bar down to the appropriate size. Pathfinder is correct – ONLY CUT FROM THE DOOR SIDE, *NOT* THE FIXED PANE SIDE (the end with the two holes).

    • Ak

      Did the shortening the top bar work for you Chris? I bought it today and ran into the same problem.
      Any help is appreciated from anyone..

  • Sei

    I have the same issue as Chris Kim, my dimensions are shorter than those specified. Has anyone shortened the items needed to install, and if so, what did you have to do?

    • Pathfinder

      See my response to John.

  • Pathfinder

    This is a beautiful door but I must agree the instructions to install this door is a joke and the diagrams are horrible. My main issue is Step E 1. I am suppose to drill holes into the B rail (metal) and attach that into panel “C”. Am I suppose to drill through the metal rail and the 8mm glass? I hardly call this type of work an easy installation as the box cover said.
    If anyone has installed this and knows the answer please let me know as I am not sure about drilling into a giant glass panel.

  • Pathfinder

    I got hold of Andre at OVE who was very helpful. Do not drill into the glass as that is not what the instructions on page 13 mean. Basically you should have a gap of .5 inch from the very back edge of the glass to the inner back of the B rail. Meaning do not push the glass fully into the B rail(looking at diagram O page 13 you will see the gap). Having left the gap, drill the holes and put the screws into the back of the glass to avoid it from moving backwards.
    I am not sure why one needs to leave a gap and then put those screws in since shoving that glass all the way will stop it from moving back but that is what I was told by the manufacturer rep. Drill the holes from the inside (standing in the tub) and do not have your drill go through the B rail- the holes should be only on one side which is the inner side of the B rail.
    Hope this helps those whom may have had the same question.

    • Mike Sandy

      Yes. There is a gap between the glass and the metal sleeve it’s mounted in so even with the metal sleeve pushed all the way in, you’re really in no danger of drilling the glass. I have mine shoved all the way in. The glass doesn’t move in that sleeve, it’s glued at a point about an inch and a quarter from the back of the metal.

      I drilled the 1/16 pilot hole and promptly BROKE THE HEAD OFF THE SCREW TRYING TO GET IT TO GO IN! I finally had to keep increasing my pilot hole to a 1/8 size before the screw would go in.

  • philodendrin

    Can anyone comment on the bottom rail? Easy to clean? Pain to lean over to give a toddler a bath?

    • Mike Sandy

      There is no bottom rail – only a small, metal splash guard which should be easy to lean over.

  • costco shopper

    is the weight of the doors hanging on the top bar? I am concerned because I am not sure there are studs to support that where the rod would be placed?

    Any details on how the top rod attaches to the wall would be greatly appreciated..

    • Mike Sandy

      The door weighs about seventy pounds and rolls on a cross bar that mounts in the large, fixed pane of glass (also about seventy pounds) in two places and it mounts into your tile on each end – each end requires two wall anchors to mount.

      So with four wall anchors (the ones that come with the door are not great) and two mounting points on the fixed pane, the rod is fairly sturdy. No studs required.

  • Akansha Gupta

    Just had our contractor install this over our guest bathroom alcove tub to replace the shower curtain. Such a nice, clean look compared to the curtain.
    This door is available for $249 down from $289 ($40 coupon) until 5/10 or 5/11 at the Livermore, CA costco in northern california (please call your local costco to check availability and price and duration of offer), so we decided to get it. The only downside was that the instructions were very cryptic so it took our contractor couple of hours extra to wrap his head around the installation.

  • Kristi

    Which side does the fixed panel go- on the shower side or back wall side?

    • Guest

      Shower side.

      • dino

        Anyone else notice the picture on the front of the box has the door open on the shower side? It seems like those with kids and need to bathe a lot, that it would make sense to have the shower doors open on the side of the faucet and shower in my opinion. I’ve installed mine, or I am in the process of installing mine that way right now.

    • Mike Sandy

      You can put it on either side, but I agree with “Guest”s response . . . shower side.

  • Glen Orrell

    Will this work with an acrylic shower/tub enclosure? The edges stick out about half an inch from the wall.

  • Hipolito Melendez

    I need the instruction manual, i buy this item but the box dont have the instruction

  • MVP

    O-M-G! This was such a pain to install. The directions are horrific. It would be helpful if the parts were actually displayed under the letter reference. The way the instruction manual shows them is by a code number, but there is nothing to identify which part belongs top that specific code.

    I can’t believe how much time and patience it took to get this thing installed.

    It’s very nice looking though one is up.

  • Jess Gomez

    Which rubber piece/seal do I install on the bottom of the rolling door? The metal sleeve is Way too narrow for anything to fit in it other than the glass itself. Also, where and how do I attach the decorative metal clips to the metal “splash guard?” Parts “T” & “S” any help and pics are appreciated. Thanks!

  • Mike Kil
  • Dennis Sturm

    I’ve been working on my second version of this door for a week. The first, as I was unpacking the box, I lifted one of the panels and was carrying it into the bedroom to stage it for install, I touched nothing and was exceedingly careful but the glass panel shattered into a thousand pieces. I had bought the door two years earlier and it was stored in the garage, but Costco took it back immediately without question – it was a disgusting hassle to get it back to them as well, and you can’t get back the wasted time of doing it. The second door, which I had purchased for a different bathroom, I proceeded to install. I am a former GC and I have to tell you this was a total nightmare. I called the CSR twice (manufr) and was greeted with impatience, bordering on rudeness and I informed her as such. The instructions are, in a word, ridiculous – those noting such on these critiques are being very generous, IMV. The diagrams are tiny bordering on absurd and very very complicated. The narrative is at bare minimum enough to half way guide the install. There are important points that aren’t addressed at all and you are on your own to figure it out. I, frankly, am surprised that Costco puts up with this from this manufacturer. The door costs right at $300 but I have been through $500 worth of aggravation and difficulty to get this door up. And yes, I had to cut the top rail on a cut off saw as well. This door is a horror. Regardless of how nice it looks to the naked eye once up, it is a disaster to take on for installation. I told the CSR how disappointed with the instruction booklet I was and she told me to tell Costco – only that, no apologies or anything else. Can you imagine? In addition, the parts panels which contain bubble wrapped sections of all the parts are not well labeled and you literally have to figure out what to use where. This has not been a pleasant experience – and I have many parts left over and no idea where they go. Finally, my doors are not level, meaning that the door when closed, has a 3/4 inch gap at the bottom when it is flush with the wall up above, but there is no way to adjust it. I am really, really unhappy with all of this and very disappointed that Costco would put up with such a product.