Powerstation PSX3 Portable Jumpstarter

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The Powerstation PSX3 Portable Jumpstarter is the new replacement for the older model, PSX2. This is a high power rechargeable battery that can jumpstart low batteries instantly.

Powerstation PSX3 Portable Jump Start Costco 3

The list of its features include:

– High power 18 Amp Hour battery jumpstarts vehicles instantly

– 32″ industrial cables and 400 Amp clamps allow efficient power transfer to low battery

– 160 psi air compressor inflates tires and sporting goods quickly

– 1 Amp USB port charges electronics quickly e.g. cell phones, laptops, etc.

– 3-LED emergency light

– 110V AC Built-in charger

The Powerstation PSX3 Portable Jumpstarter is priced at $74.99.

Item number 745384.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

Powerstation PSX3 Portable Jump Start Costco 2 Powerstation PSX3 Portable Jump Start Costco 1 Powerstation PSX3 Portable Jump Start Costco 5 Powerstation PSX3 Portable Jump Start Costco 6

  • Paul

    Just got one of these! Works great. Started my Jetta TDI with a bad battery right up at -10F (though the PSX3 was warm from being inside the house). Glow plugs ran then the car cranked and turned over like it was summer. Have not tried the air compressor yet.

    1000 peak Amps and 500 cranking amps coupled with a decently large 18A-hr battery should make this good for just about any consumer car. The integrated volt meter helps ensure it’s working.

    My next test will be to leave the PSX3 in the trunk over night for our next -10F night and see how it does when both it and the car are cold. That should simulate the winter vacation scenerio quite nicely.

    • Olli

      hi Paul,

      Thanks for your review and observations. We were deciding between getting the PSX3 and the Deltran Battery Charger and ended up getting the Deltran. Our old car has had trouble starting after each vacation. We haven’t tried using it yet but will soon.


      • Paul

        Well, they’re for completely different uses. If your car needs a jump start (which the PSX3 can provide), you should generally put it on a battery charger (such as the deltran) as soon as possible. Alternatively, driving on the highway for several hours should charge it up if your alternator is properly functioning.

        The battery tender you mention is the type of thing you’d want to connect to your car battery if you intend to park a car and leave it for several weeks/months. Ex: if you have a car you only use in the summer, you should hook the battery to a tender in the off season or your battery might fail prematurely (ie fail to hold a charge). That particular model can also fully charge a dead battery, albeit slower than some battery chargers. The tender feature is always nice to have though.

        A charger of some sort is always good to have. The jump starter is good for emergencies and might save you from waiting to flag down a stranger so you can use jumper cables, but it won’t charge your battery.

        Sounds like you made a good choice!

  • ferdi

    Paul – I just bought PSX3, and currently charging in my heated basement. I understand that it is recommended to fully charge the unit for 72 hours, so I have another 48 hours to go. I was told not use jump batteries when you suspect that the battery is frozen. I think this may be the reason, why my battery is dead. Can you comment on jumping frozen batteries? thanks, Ferdi – Illinois.

  • elvizz

    I bought 2 psx1 first one lasted 3 years 2nd one about 48 months . Maybe the psx2 psx3 has better drycells. I called manufacturer told them it would no longer hold a charge and was told 2 year lifespan is average, if it gets constant use it can last 4 or 5. My unit looks brand new the battery replacement is around $90.00 more than the unit. At 2 years though it was great so the people giving these power stations rave reviews remember the manufactures warranty is 12 months after that the battery degrades each year. I loved the unit but will now look for one with a longer warranty.

    • Olli

      Hi Elvizz,
      Thanks for sharing your personal experience with the PSX Battery. Did you generally use it to jump start or did you use the other features e.g. compressor, charger as well?

      • elvizz

        Used it for everything just took it apart this morning 12 volt transformer was dead replaced with similar transformer and it works again, will see if it holds charge. Company told me its over 90 for replacement drycell, went online they are 34 dollars on average then you pay for shipping so they can be easily repaired. Do not worry about buying one Costco checks out everything before they sell things so it has to be a quality unit and anyone with a votage tester and a screwdriver can fix them.

        • Olli

          hi Elvizz,
          You must be quite handy to be able to take this thing apart. Hope it holds the charge!

  • Paul D Young

    I have a PSX that I bought in 2009. It JUST started to not hold a charge. I used it for everything from filling my car tires to jumping my cars. I even used it to power my CPAP machine while camping. It did a great job. Planning on getting another one. Oh, I also used it powering my HAM Radio during Field day. (KA6PDY) After seeing how it worked a few people went and bought one. I HIGHLY recommend it.

  • iris

    lost power cord to charge my PS1 unit. where to get one and what should i buy

  • -+Thre@d+-

    Hi I’ve bin trying to jump start my brother’s jeep with our PSX3, the starter is fully charged however it’s not jump starting the vehicle, we have found the source of the problem it is without a doubt a dead battery, can you help me?