Sensible Eco Living Motion Sensor Trash Can

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UPDATE 04/16/14: Spotted a $10 instant rebate for the Sensible Eco Living Motion Sensor Trash Can. Price is $39.99 till 04/27/14.

Sensible Eco Living Stainless Steel Trash Can Costco

PUBLISHED 01/23/14: The Sensible Eco Living Motion Sensor Trash Can is a large capacity, stainless steel trash can suitable for indoor use.

Sensible Eco Living Motion Sensor Trash Can Costco 2


– Motion Sensor

– Operates with 8 AA batteries (not included)

– Soft Close

– Plastic Bag Ring

– Fingerprint resistant

– 21 gallon (80 L) capacity

– Dimensions: 13.8″ W x 13.8″ D x 31.9″ H

The Sensible Eco Living Motion Sensor Trash Can is priced at $49.79.

Item number 807890.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

Sensible Eco Living Motion Sensor Trash Can Costco 3Sensible Eco Living Motion Sensor Trash Can Costco 4Sensible Eco Living Motion Sensor Trash Can Costco 6Sensible Eco Living Motion Sensor Trash Can Costco 1

  • We just brought this baby home. It’s HUGE. I’m wondering where I’ll find 21 gallon trash bags.

    • Chris Johnson

      Bed Bath and Beyond has the 80L bags. Made by Simplehuman model X

  • El Carpe

    nice can, nice idea… poorly executed. This was designed by monkeys who do not appear to have garbage cans in their own homes. the inside lip which holds the bag in place (quite securely, and neatly) is the same lip which tears your bag open when you go to remove it when full. I am returning this item and searching for one designed by rational people.

  • Molly

    Just brought 2 of these home but can’t find the instructions. I can’t even open the can. Hope I did not just make stupid mistake!


    The marketing department for this item is as bad or worse than the designer, for what I see in the comments below. They have no idea how STUPID AND WRONG the translations into Spanish are around the box. The Spanish info is completely nonsense. With that in mind, I would never buy this item….!!!!

  • M G

    Battery compartment opened up and on whole battery pack fell into the trash can. Never noticed and went out in the trash. Any ideas where to order parts from?

    • Olli

      hi M G,
      No, I’m afraid I don’t know where to purchase the replacement parts…

    • Jen

      Lost 1 of my battery packs also! Did you find any replacement parts?

    • K. M.

      call 1-800-354-5605 customer service for free battery pack replacement.

  • Camille Williams

    thanks for that phone number, we can now use our trash can again and it was free for the battery pack!

  • M M

    Thank you for that phone number as well. Our plastic bag ring broke, and after speaking with their customer service department this morning a new one is on the way.

  • Jennifer Cooke

    Lost my battery pack as well. Just got off phone with customer service ,new one free of charge will be here in 5-7 business days. I’ll add some Gorilla tape to keep them in. Can’t complain about that. 1-800-354-5605 customer service

    • Great! I lost mine also. I will call. Thanks! Did you see the recall on the handle on the back? You can have them order the replacement part.

    • disqus_2Z8lgEan0C

      I’ve lost 2 of them AND the covers. Just a couple screws would have prevented it. UGH.

  • Carl R Middleton III

    just call customer service.. free and will ship out in 5days

  • skye

    GREAT customer service. I had the same problem with my battery pack. will be sealing the doors once they are both in to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

  • skye

    thank you so much for the number

  • NJDev85

    This article is GOLD. Called 1-800-354-5605 and left my number with them and they called me back within an hour. We were missing battery packs and our lid crapped out…they’re shipping replacements for FREE. If you need parts other than the battery packs be sure to ask! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • JGreen

    Thanks for the number. I called 800-354-5605 and left my number. Got a call back in about 30 minutes. They took my information and are sending out a new battery pack. No questions asked and no charge! Great service.

  • Pooja Goswami

    This morning my son accidentally broke the lid of sensible eco living 12l trash can. Now I am wondering if there is any way to get the replacement of the lid. Please help. Thanks.

    • Stan Sieger

      Have you tried calling the phone number that others have listed?

    • Pooja Goswami

      Problem solved! Called them on the number mentioned under the lid and they will be sending a replacement in few days. Such a great customer service. I really appreciate it.
      Posting this information for future customers if they face the same problem.
      Have a great day you all!

  • melissa cadorette

    I am in need of a replacement lid for my sensible living 80 litre motion sensor trash can I called for the parts and it will cost $40. thanks for the help y’all