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Vanderbilt Folding Drying Rack

Air-drying your clothes can save energy and thus money. If you need a drying rack, then check out the Vanderbilt Folding Drying Rack. It’s made of bamboo and steel

Lightspeed Outdoor Blanket

We purchased the Lightspeed Outdoor Blanket over the weekend. It was available last year as well but disappeared from the store before we could purchase it. So we didn’t

NaturSource Salad Topper

Add a layer of crunch to your salads with┬áthe NaturSource Salad Topper. It’s low in sodium and trans fat free. You can eat it as a snack too! Ingredients

Great America 2017 Gold Season Pass

Great America’s 2017 Gold Season Pass is now available at Costco! Benefits of the season pass includes: – unlimited admission to Great America, Boomerang Bay Water Park, and Gilroy

Lundberg Farms Organic Sushi Rice

If you love short grain rice or make a lot of sushi a home, you may be interested in the Lundberg Farms Organic Sushi Rice. Short grain rice supposedly

Thermal Balance Room Darkening Curtains

Block light from entering a room with the Thermal Balance Room Darkening Curtains. This item is particularly beneficial for those that work night shifts and need to sleep during

WeatherTech Heavy-Duty Car Mats

We’ve seen the WeatherTech commercials many times on TV and now, we’ve spotted the WeatherTech Heavy-Duty Car Mats at Costco. The set includes four pieces, with 2 for the

Lundberg Farms Organic Brown Rice Cakes

Need a healthy snack? Then check out Lundberg Farms’ Organic Brown Rice Cakes. Samples of the rice cakes with Nutella were offered and I had a taste. It wasn’t

Cuisinart Food Spiralizer

Make fruits and vegetables more fun to eat with the Cuisinart Food Spiralizer! I’ve been wanting one and was surprised and happy to see an option at Costco. The

Creative Bath Beverage Dispenser

The Creative Bath Beverage Dispenser is made of clear acrylic and has a capacity of 3.5 gallons. Other features include: – easy fill wide mouth – heavy duty spigot