Charisma Ribbed Bath Towels – Price Reduction Alert

We happened to see another Costco shopper putting several of the Charisma Ribbed Bath Towels in her cart. So we took a look as well and it turns out that there’s a price reduction for the towels.

Charisma Ribbed Bath Towels Costco

Note that the price reduction is only for the Charisma RIBBED Bath Towels. These are 30″ x 58″.

They are currently priced at $4.97, probably only while supplies last. I think they were previously priced at $6.99 each?

Make sure you pick up the right towel. Look for the tag attached to the towel and the item number 642195.

Have you seen this towel and price reduction at your store?

We use the Charisma towels ourselves and I really like them. They’re thick and plush and have held up well despite countless washings.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

Charisma Ribbed Bath Towels Costco Charisma Ribbed Bath Towels Costco