Feit Electric 4-Ft LED Tubes

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I think the Feit Electric 4-Ft LED Tubes first appeared in the store about 2 years ago.

Feit Electric 4-Ft LED Tubes Costco 2

We published a post highlighting this item back then.

I initially thought that they just changed their packaging, which they did, but what I didn’t realize until checking the old post was that this item is now half the price it was back then!

LED lighting are really much cheaper now so it may be a good item to switch over.

You can simply replace the 4′ fluorescent tubes to these LED ones.

We had to replace two fluorescent tubes in the garage recently and decided to switch to these LED ones.

We’re happy to report that it worked without any issues and it’s much brighter than our old ones!

The features appear to still be the same:

  • 17 Watts
  • 1700 Lumens
  • 50000 life hours
  • 4100 K color temperature

The Feit Electric 4-Ft LED Tubes are priced at $17.99 for a 2-pack.

Unit price is $8.995/LED tube.

Item number 1063293.

Inventory and pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time.

Feit Electric 4-Ft LED Tubes Costco 3Feit Electric 4-Ft LED Tubes Costco 5Feit Electric 4-Ft LED Tubes Costco 4Feit Electric 4-Ft LED Tubes Costco 1

  • btc909

    Get rid of those energy sucking ballasts and rewire your existing overhead lights. THEN use LED tubes like this.

  • Akansha Gupta

    I bought these last month to replace the flourescent tubes in our garage. Though the problem turned out to be a bad ballast, we are using a fraction of the energy to illuminate the area now. Very easy to install, just roll & snap it into the right spot.

  • rl swann

    I’m looking at replacement tubes from Home Depot and they’re only 34watts for 2875 lumens. I guess these led tubes would be good if someone didn’t care about brightness and is worried about something hitting the regular tubes and breaking them.

  • Linda Searle

    Just purchased the above item at Costco yesterday. The packaging now is 14watts! That is less than 1/2 the standard wattage of T8 tube. Everything else remains the same…1700 lumens, 4100k, 50,000 hour life. I have installed them in my garage and they are even brighter than the previous non LED version I had. Price is $17.99.

    • Olli

      hi Linda,
      We bought another set a week ago and I did not even realize that they’re now 14 Watts instead of 17 Watts. Thanks for pointing that out!