Fridge and Freezer Storage Binz by InterDesign

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If you need a better way to organize your fridge and freezer, check out these fridge and freezer storage binz by InterDesign. I saw them at Costco this weekend.

Binz Fridge and Freezer Storage Costco

They come in a 4-piece set – 3 bins and 1 can holder. The can holder can hold 9 soda cans. There are built-in handles for the bins so it should be easy to move them around.

They’re made of durable, BPA free plastics. And they’re made in USA.

The 4-piece set is priced at $19.99.

Binz Fridge and Freezer Storage Costco Binz Fridge and Freezer Storage Costco Binz Fridge and Freezer Storage Costco

  • ChristinaBakes

    I bought these last summer. Instead of the pop can organizer, it came with a second skinny bin, which is what I prefer. I would buy another set if it was the same set. They’re also great for organizing the pantry. The Costco pricing is much better than Bed, Bath & Beyond and Container Store for the same items.

    • Olli

      hi Christina,

      Thanks for your feedback! I guess they’ve changed the set a little? Now it comes with 2 wider bins, 1 skinny bin and 1 can holder, which is kinda skinny 🙂

      Also glad to hear that Costco is cheaper than the other stores. I haven’t done the price comparison yet.