Whiskey Barrel Resin Planter – Price Reduction Alert

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It’s towards the end of garden season, at least where Costco is concerned. This is good news for gardeners.

The 25″ Whiskey Barrel Resin Planter I mentioned way back in May in now on sale.

Whiskey Barrel Resin Planter Costco

The price has been quietly reduced from $17.99 to only $12.97. This is a 28% savings.

This is a great price for a planter this size. It’s 25″ diameter and 15″ H. It’s made of high density resin, light and weather resistant.

I’ve managed to pick up a few planters at reduced prices from Costco over the years.

So gardeners who shop at Costco, take note! Go now if you want to buy these.

They’re generally placed on the sides towards the wall. There may only be a few left.

Item number is 537305.

Inventory and pricing at your store may/will vary.

Whiskey Barrel Resin Planter Costco

Whiskey Barrel Resin Planter Costco