High density resin Whiskey barrel planter

UPDATE 07/08/13: Please read our newer post regarding a Price Reduction for this planter.

This year, Costco is carrying a resin-based half whiskey barrel planter. It is quite large with an outer diameter of 25″ at the top and about 18″ at the bottom. It is 15″ tall. The dimensions I had given in a previous post was incorrect.

We bought two of them though we’ve not decided what we will plant in them yet. They’re large and deep enough for planting vegetables, even tomatoes and peppers.

I really like these high density resin-based planters as they’re light and they hold up really well from year to year without cracking.

Costco has them for a reasonable price of $17.99. While supplies last. Inventory and pricing at your store may vary.

Do you have any of these Costco planters? What do you plant in them?

Half whiskey barrel planter Costco

Half whiskey barrel planter Costco