Ciroc Vodka – Is Costco Cheaper?

Continuing on with our cost comparison exercise, this time we are checking out Ciroc Vodka.

Ciroc Vodka is available at Target in a 750 mL bottle. The regular price is $32.99 or  4.4 cents/mL.

But there’s currently a sale and the sale price is $25.99 or 3.5 cents/mL.

Ciroc Vodka Target

Ciroc Vodka Target


Costco carries the Ciroc Vodka in a 1.75 L (1750 mL) bottle and the regular price is $43.99 or 2.5 cents/mL.

There’s currently an unadvertised $6 instant rebate which lowers the price to $37.99 or 2.2 cents/mL.

Ciroc Vodka Costco

Ciroc Vodka Costco



Summarizing….The cost per mL for Ciroc Vodka:

Regular price at Target = 4.4 cents/mL

Sale price at Target = 3.5 cents/mL

Regular price at Costco = 2.5 cents/mL

Sale price at Costco = 2.2 cents/mL


So, is Costco cheaper? Yes!

At regular prices, Costco is 43% cheaper than Target.

At sale prices, Costco is 37% cheaper than Target.

At its regular price, Costco is still 29% than Target’s sale price.

Prices are subject to change.