The Honest Company Shampoo and Body Wash – Costco vs The Honest Company?

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Just out of curiosity, I decide to check out The Honest Company’s website to see how much they charge for their Shampoo and Body Wash which is now available at Costco. We’ve seen it at Costco and have written about it.

WOW! An 8.5 oz (250 mL) of their Sweet Orange Vanilla Shampoo and Body Wash costs $9.95 over on their website. Unit price is $1.17/oz.

You could buy 5 bottles at once and there’s a discount so it’s only $35.95. Unit price is 84.6 cents/oz.

Honest Shampoo and Body Wash Costco

At Costco, the exact same Sweet Orange Vanilla Shampoo and Body Wash come in 2 pack of 17 oz (500 mL) each.

You get 34 oz total for $14.99.

Unit price is 44.1 cents/oz.

Item number 755666.

Honest Shampoo and Body Wash CostcoHonest Shampoo and Body Wash CostcoHonest Shampoo and Body Wash Costco

So, let’s do the math here….

The Honest Company : 1 bottle 8.5 oz = $9.95 = $1.17/oz

The Honest Company : 5 bottles 42.5 oz = $35.95 = $0.85/oz

Costco : 2 bottles 34 oz = $14.99 = $0.44/oz

Is Costco Cheaper? YES!


  • Costco is 62% cheaper than The Honest Company if you only buy 1 bottle from their website. This does not even include the additional shipping charge.
  • Costco is 48% cheaper than The Honest Company if you buy 5 bottles from their website and get the discount


From the reviews, The Honest Shampoo and Body Wash sounds like a great product. But it’s really expensive to buy it from The Honest Company. If you love this product, do buy it from Costco and save yourself some money!

While supplies last. Inventory and pricing at your store may vary.

  • Zoe-Juan Diaz

    I wish I had read this before. I went to COSTCO and saw the big bottles for $14.99, but I did not get them because I did the math assuming the bottles were the same size with the honest company and I though I was making a great purchase. I received my first “bundle” today, and oh deception! :( never again. I hope Costco starts selling other products such as the face+body lotion and the oil because at least where I live they only sell the shampoo.


    • Olli

      hi Zoe,
      Too bad you didn’t see this post prior to purchasing from The Honest Company! At least now you know. Most companies make it hard for us to compare costs by changing the sizes, etc. so don’t feel bad. So far, we’ve only seen the shampoo and body wash at Costco but I think if they sell well, there’s a good chance we may see other Honest products at the store. We’ll be sure to post about it if there are any updates.

      • Beverly Razo Greer

        Hi which Costco have you guys seen these products? I live in Canoga park, Ca and I haven’t seen them.

        • Olli

          hi Beverly,
          We’ve seen them I think at all the stores we’ve been to here in Northern CA. I don’t know why you didn’t see them down in Southern CA especially since The Honest Company is based down there. Did you check the Personal Care area by the Pharmacy? They’re located there but it’s sometimes easy to miss since there’s so much other stuff. The easiest way to know for sure is to call up your local Costco and ask if they carry item#755666, which is for the The Honest Co Shampoo & Body Wash.Hope this helps.

  • KM

    It’s $3 off per package at Cotco unitl 10/27!!

    • Olli

      Hi km,
      Great find and thanks for sharing!!

  • Samantha LeVan

    When I saw this at Costco, I was amazed at the price since it’s so expensive directly from Honest. I just wish I could also get the laundry detergent and hand soap in larger sizes as well. We go through so much but I feel like I’m wasting plastic buying all the bottles.

    • Olli

      hi Samantha,
      Yes, it’s amazing how much cheaper they are at Costco. Hopefully, Costco can work its magic negotiating with the Honest Company and get other products into the store at more affordable prices. I do think that buying in bulk is more earth-friendly as there’s less packaging, as long as we only buy what we need and use up all that we buy :)

  • Steph

    Do you know if they also sell the toothpaste or any other products there?

  • Steph

    And is this a limited time product offer or do they still carry it?

    • Olli

      hi Steph,
      I believe Costco still carries this item – The Honest Company Shampoo and Body Wash. I don’t check it every week but I did see it 2 weeks ago. I don’t think it’s a limited time product. No toothpaste but a new product just popped up this week – The Honest Company Diaper Cakes. Besides diapers, there’re 7 other products included in the set. I’ll write up the post tonight and paste the link here when it’s published.
      Hope this helps,

      • Steph

        That’s great, thank you. I don’t have a membership myself, so I’d have to ask family to get it for me. I’ll be sure to call ahead.

        • Olli

          hi Steph,
          You’re welcome. Happy Holidays,

    • Olli

      hi Steph,

      Here’s more info regarding The Honest Company Diaper Cake.

      By the way, regarding The Honest Company Shampoo and Body Wash, the easiest way to find out for sure if a Costco carries this item to to call up your local Costco and ask if they carry item#755666, which is the item number for The Honest Co Shampoo & Body Wash.

      You can possibly save yourself a trip this way.
      Hope this helps,

  • Kristen

    I just bought this today at Costco for $11.99 thinking it was for babies. Do you know if this would be good for use on newborns?